Logo design fundamental
course review

Cost - £23 ($28)

Level - Beginners


Ask any designer (or most at least!) what they think of Fiverr and you'll be on the end of a barrage of abuse...."they completely devalue the design industry" blah blah blah. Ask any designer to learn from Fiverr and they'll be buying you a one way ticket to a mad house!"


That's right, Fiverr, known for very very very cheap design services has it's own educational site called Learn from Fiverr. (https://learn.fiverr.com).


To be honest, if the cost wasn't so low, I probably wouldn't be going anywhere near this course, one because IT'S FIVERR! and two because IT'S FIVERR!!!!

So you're asking, why on earth did you take the Logo design course? Well, I was intrigued and of course, as I said...it was cheap.


In all seriousness, I enjoy learning, and logo design is something I have a passion for, I'm always looking for that extra nugget of information and I don't care where it comes from, even Fiverr.


So, on to the course.


Mark, the teacher, was great, well spoken, clear and concise. He seemed to know what he was talking about and the course covered what we would expect from a logo design fundamental course:


  • Intro

  • logo history

  • process

  • briefs

  • presenting to the clients

  • different types of logo

  • typography

  • file types

  • etc etc...


I thought there were places where examples could of been used whilst listening, and at points during the course I thought it lost its way a little and became a tutorial video and lost my attention a little,  having said that, I picked up some great Photoshop tricks, so I did learn something.


In total it lasted a few hours, each segment only lasting only a few minutes.

It was fairly easy going, terminology was explained and some live examples of logo design work was shown.


This course is absolutely for beginners and I have to say, for the price, it was a bargain. This is a great introduction into logo design. It covers everything you need to know to get started.


Now, I won't be selling any services via Fiverr, however I will get past my design snobbery and consider Learn from Fiverr for any future learning.


This has made want to take up the LogoCore course (https://www.logocore.com/learn/) and the course from the Futur (https://academy.thefutur.com/p/logo-design-construction) to see what they offer. For the significant hike in price, I am expecting a lot!.

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